Thursday, December 31, 2009

countdown to 2010 at pavilion KL

went countdown at pavilion yesterday evening.

the crowd is huge, i hardly walk around, where i have to squeeze myself through the crowd at in order to get there.

crowd gone crazy spraying bubble flares and party spray (i donno wat u guys call that). this happened every year which i kinda pissed when i walk by and some stranger spray it on my face all in a sudden

some people with fresh air up there...

crowd waiting for the last moment of 2009 to end...

crowd got tired legs while waiting for the countdown

crowd flooded the road...

taiwanese artist entertaining the chinese crowd

after the squeezing, got myself to pavilion.

well.. the arrangement pavilion done this year was kinda dissapointing, i felt like the event is kinda too dark, organizer should have place some more lighting.. besides, the stage is at the side of the building which made it kinda crowded to get along to the stage. last year was fine but.. its rather dissapointing this year.

besides that, last year's crowd was great, there were like people dancing to the music, but this year, the crowd gone wild. mineral bottles are like flying everywhere.. and also the bubble spray cans were thrown everywhere too. i even seen people throwing plastic bottle to the stage and hit somebody. sad to see that we still have unconsiderable people around.

purcussions are played by masked kids from some secondary school

some people got really wild they started dancing like there's no one watching him...

the countdown party at pavilion was pretty bad after those bottle flying thing, poor lighting, even during the countdown, the mic broke down, so.. there's no count down but.. just all a sudden the dj stops the track, and stage pops up some plastic bling bling...

this is the aftermath of the celebration... drinking bottles, spray cans, plastic bags.... polluted :(

i hope someone would pick all these up and recycle them...

when i got back, i'm kinda happy with what rapid kl have done all these while, i realise that rapid kl have been trying to expand thier bus network, and so as the lrt stations does seems to be havin quite a lot of improvements like the marquee LED board

when i was on my way back it wasn't crowded like the previous years

weldone to rapid kl.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

pimp my ride - malaysian

pimp my ride was my favourite show on mtv last time. used to watch those old junk cars turned into some hot ride by a team of expert mechanics whom they called themselves the west coast.

show hosted by a male rapper, called xzibit.

you all should watch some of these epidsodes to get the joke i'm about to post..

click here if you'd like to view some of the vids on mtv... or here to the official site..

well, i'm proudly present our malaysian very own pimp my ride!

i got a good laugh.........

Sunday, December 27, 2009

do not enter ladies' washroom

i guess the sign shows the ladies to go to men's washroom

making strawberry smoothie

i was browsing around youtube to see how to make smoothie, and these guys' tutorial is kinda complicated...

is there any easier way to make smoothies.......??

at the mean time... i found another video, which it is a lot easier than the previous one... some how...

i think the cameraman fell asleep.......

Saturday, December 26, 2009


i think it looks more interesting after the wall painting was vandalised...

my music

well, finally i got them uploaded...

it is the first time that i upload my tracks and got mixpod's player to link it... took me quite a while to read all the stuffs to get 5 of my tracks uploaded. :P

here's the play list, you all may click on the 'play' button to listen to my stuff..

if you have read my previous blog entry at wordpress, you might know that i have actually passed this demo to joey g, click here to read the entry. well, here are the 5 tracks i was talkin about!

i have saved the playlist at my widget area which is located on the right side of this page ==>

so you guys may listen anytime you guys visit my blog!

p/s: more of my stuff will be uploaded soon.. ;)

Friday, December 25, 2009

car washing is a tough job

washing cars is a dangerous job...


xmas tribute to michael jackson

known as the king of pop, when i was a lil kid i always watch michael jackson's music videos on tv.

all those cool dance moves is turning the world upside down. u can see during the 80s, lots of kids on the street is trying to mimic his moonwalk and stuffs on the street. and those dance moves from 'bad' music video are just simply awesome.

he also brought iconic fashion to the world, such as bling bling gloves, or white socks with black shoes.

hmm....... white socks with black shoes....

Thursday, December 24, 2009

chirstmas eve

tommorow is christmas day, we can see chirstmas deco, like angels, chirstmas trees, santa clause, etc... everywhere...

sure lots of kids are exited bout the presents their parents bought from the shopping mall with them and pretended it was santa left for them under the christmas tree by climbing down the fake chimney in thier condo...

walking around the towns, and malls, some came to me and asked me to place their christmas wishes on my blog...

here's bad ass donkey wishing you merry christmas...

here's S.H.E wishing you merry christmas...

here's autobot bumblebee wishing you merry christmas...


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

asus eee keyboard

long time ago we used calculator, and we realise we can't do much about it but to sum up some numbers only,

so we got computers, ........ for complex calculations

then, businessmen complain carrying computer from place to place to discuss business is very troublesome, it's too big bulky.
so we got laptops, ........ for easy travelling business purposes and college kids to show off in the library

then we got some girls crying over how heavy a laptop is and they can't carry it to shopping malls, so that they could go to starbucks and login to thier facebook playing farmville while shopping,

so we got netbooks, ........ for light weight, easy to carry computers and no more girls broke their arms carrying heavy laptops ever since.

then we got some lots of boys, and some girls with fat fingers complaining over the small keyboard on the netbooks.

so we got....

petronas signed mercedes gp

though i do not watch F1 a lot, but, i'm very dissapointed with petronas' decision towards sponsoring mercedes gp team.

as we all know that we had our very own f1 team, the lotus f1 team, and everyone was expecting to have petronas as main sponsor. so, too bad then...


The Official Review of the 2008 FIA Formula One Championship

Monday, December 21, 2009

xmas santa summer collection 09

latest xmas summer collection this season..

p/s: it is santa clause costume. i bet this santa costum will make lots of young chicks happy this coming xmas...

Sunday, December 20, 2009


meet ru-duh the red nose santa...

Thursday, December 17, 2009

elmo and cookie monster

seems like elmo is having his good time with cookie monster...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


when we killed a chicken, we have chicken meat...

when we killed a goat, we have...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

adidas sportswear collection 09

walk by some shop lot. happened to find this adidas sportswear displaying outside the shop.

it's pink stripes on it, and seems like very attractive collection for ladies out there..

but... wait a minute...

doctor tok kok

the clinic where the doctor talks cock kok

Monday, December 14, 2009

right advert at right time!

right advertisment at right article.

bloging at blogger

well, i actually started at wordpress a while ago, but after some studies, i realise that blogger seems to be more suitable for me at the moment.

from today onwards, i'll be updating my entries at this blog. i will update my music progress, my ideas, my thoughts, and not to forget to share things which i find humorous with you all ;).

i'm still trying to figure out ways to migrate my entries at maybe someday i'll repost all those posts i had at wordpress.
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