Thursday, December 31, 2009

countdown to 2010 at pavilion KL

went countdown at pavilion yesterday evening.

the crowd is huge, i hardly walk around, where i have to squeeze myself through the crowd at in order to get there.

crowd gone crazy spraying bubble flares and party spray (i donno wat u guys call that). this happened every year which i kinda pissed when i walk by and some stranger spray it on my face all in a sudden

some people with fresh air up there...

crowd waiting for the last moment of 2009 to end...

crowd got tired legs while waiting for the countdown

crowd flooded the road...

taiwanese artist entertaining the chinese crowd

after the squeezing, got myself to pavilion.

well.. the arrangement pavilion done this year was kinda dissapointing, i felt like the event is kinda too dark, organizer should have place some more lighting.. besides, the stage is at the side of the building which made it kinda crowded to get along to the stage. last year was fine but.. its rather dissapointing this year.

besides that, last year's crowd was great, there were like people dancing to the music, but this year, the crowd gone wild. mineral bottles are like flying everywhere.. and also the bubble spray cans were thrown everywhere too. i even seen people throwing plastic bottle to the stage and hit somebody. sad to see that we still have unconsiderable people around.

purcussions are played by masked kids from some secondary school

some people got really wild they started dancing like there's no one watching him...

the countdown party at pavilion was pretty bad after those bottle flying thing, poor lighting, even during the countdown, the mic broke down, so.. there's no count down but.. just all a sudden the dj stops the track, and stage pops up some plastic bling bling...

this is the aftermath of the celebration... drinking bottles, spray cans, plastic bags.... polluted :(

i hope someone would pick all these up and recycle them...

when i got back, i'm kinda happy with what rapid kl have done all these while, i realise that rapid kl have been trying to expand thier bus network, and so as the lrt stations does seems to be havin quite a lot of improvements like the marquee LED board

when i was on my way back it wasn't crowded like the previous years

weldone to rapid kl.


  1. well.. i didnt get to celebrate any in msia..
    but the fireworks here in UK was early.. 530pm.. haha.. =P

  2. But last year Pavilion didn't have such a big stage right? LOL This year I was not in Pavilion. Check out my new year celebration.

  3. kenwooi: 530pm? ain't it kinda too early?

    jfook: read ur blog, seems like u had a good time! haha... well, i think last year's stage was almost the same as this year's


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