Saturday, December 26, 2009

my music

well, finally i got them uploaded...

it is the first time that i upload my tracks and got mixpod's player to link it... took me quite a while to read all the stuffs to get 5 of my tracks uploaded. :P

here's the play list, you all may click on the 'play' button to listen to my stuff..

if you have read my previous blog entry at wordpress, you might know that i have actually passed this demo to joey g, click here to read the entry. well, here are the 5 tracks i was talkin about!

i have saved the playlist at my widget area which is located on the right side of this page ==>

so you guys may listen anytime you guys visit my blog!

p/s: more of my stuff will be uploaded soon.. ;)


  1. fucking awesome "our fate"

  2. The drum beat and the backing chords sound awesome :p add in some lyrics with vocals from B.E.P and it would be perfect :p

  3. hi DC,, and Ariff... thanks for the comments!

    Ariff: vocals from B.E.P? what's that?


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