Sunday, January 17, 2010

broga hill hiking experience

i went broga hill for some hill hiking for a weekend break.

woke up early at 4 am in the mornin, then had a light breakfast before heading off to broga from kl.

i reached broga hill's car park (which it is actually a palm plantation land) at about 530AM

and started to walk the path up to the hill. it was dark, and the only source of light is from torch light that we brought.

it was rather dark that place, no lamps no nothin. broga hill seems like it is actually not being maintained at all.

walk path took about 30-50 minutes of walk depend on how fast you wanted to go. my team went quite fast. i couldn't really catch up.

i didn't managed to reach the top, i was exhausted... seems like i really need more exercise. i was like 10 minutes away from the top of the hill, but i rather save my energy for the way down later. i heard some one vomited in the dark. probably that guy had pushed himself to the limit... that's bad, i wonder how he manage to go down the hill later. i also heard lots of stranger recieved phone calls at the bottom of the hill saying they gave up, and waited down there to meet up meet up when they are on the way down.

you can find beautiful scenes up there. i watched the sun rise for the very first time of my life, and it was beautiful. (but i heard some dissapointed stranger said that 'what? sunrise was just like an egg emerged from the mountain?') i am lucky enuf to catch the view even tho i didn't manage to get to the top of the hill.

early birds flyin around in the sky, when sunlight just lit up the blue sky, they already awake, and probably lookin for food. i saw a huge bat as well, right before the sun came up.

after spent about an hour on the top enjoying the cool breeze, fresh air, and beautiful scene. about 8am i'm on my way down.

about that hour, everyone is on their way down, and you'll have traffic jam and queueing up to get down the hill.

even though it's not raining, and the weather was beautifully nice, but i still find it slippery. all the way i heard screams, i heard people fell down.  and i myself fell down a number of times.

it seems like broga hill actually had no proper maintenance. it would be kind of dangerous if you would climb the hill during a rainy day or, it rained the night before you plan to hike the hill... dry weather you will still find people falling down by seeing mud stains on thier clothes.

but, after all, hiking broga hill requires no entrance fee, which means you can climb the hill for free. except for the car park (at the palm plantation land) where some one will asked you to pay rm2 per entrance of parking at the palm plantation land.

i will definately going back again, and i will conquer the hill next time. i will try a slower pace and also will exercise more often before i go.

here's some video shots of some young men trying to slide down the hill at fast pace!

***click here to read some useful information about hiking broga hill!!!!


  1. Nice photo! & I hope you love the Broga Hill hike :-)

    Feel free to join Broga Hill Lovers - Facebook Group at

  2. hi alan. yes i love that placce, the air is fresh. just that it is not that suitable for eldery people to hike that hill. some of the places are quite dangerous.

  3. yoyo..broga...nice sunrise view...i like it

    Nikel Khor

  4. hi nikel, i like the view of sunrise too...

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