Tuesday, April 27, 2010

pipe burst in jalan university causes 3 cars damage

yesterday evening while i was on my way back, there was this massive heavy traffic jam at jalan university.

i was stuck on a 1km jam for like an hour. it was a bumper to bumper slow moving traffic.

there was this road block, and a car next to me told me that there were a taxi involving some accident like 2km ahead. dude.. is that accident so serious till the police have to block a 2 lane road?

until this morning i googled about it, and to my shock...

a pipe underneath the road (which was just being installed last week, or repaired) burst, tossing a nissan sunny 130y 10 meters into the air, and falls to the opposite side of the road, while another 2 cars were involved inthe accident as well. the burst created a sinkhole as deep as 4.5 meters.

all drivers were injured, and sent to hospital university. hopefully no one got seriously injured

that is scary. appearantly there were no taxi accidents...

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