Sunday, May 29, 2011

design a deadmau5 helmet competition is organizing a deadmau5 helmet competition...

there are 2 templates given, template A would be a front plain mau5head.. while template B would be in 3D. it depends on your creativity to draw/paint the mau5head using ur creativity using photoshop. i'm not sure if you could draw by hand and scan it into pc. after that, send the Jpeg file to them via so graphic designers out there can give this competition a try.. :D

you may download the templates here(PDF A), here (PSD A), here (PDF B)and here(PSD B zip file)

here are some of the mau5head some creative ppl out there created, i hope you guys find inspiration from these ppl...

the normal mau5head

the typical 'bling bling' mau5head

the light weight carbon fiber sporty mau5head

and if u love recycling so much, u may design a 'recycle mau5head'

and here is the official link to the competition:

good luck!

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