Tuesday, January 19, 2010

broga hill - useful tips before hiking broga hill

broga hill is located at semenyih, which the vanue is quite easy to find. you may find the following links for some useful instructions to get there:

how to go to broga hill:

- entrance fee: free
- parking fee: you would have to park your car at a private car park/plantation farm. and some one will walk up to you to collect a parking fee of rm2 when you try to exit the land or enter the land.

*broga hill palm plantation field car park which charged rm2 per entry

journey to the top of the hill:
takes approximately 30-50 minutes, depends on every individuals' stamina. and also depends on the number of people turn up there, the later you go (like 630AM) you will have human traffic jam, as there is only 1 route up and down.

*human traffic jam on the way down shortly after sunrise

what do you have up there?
- nothing but grass and some big stones.
- very nice and beautiful view
- sun rise at about 730AM
- lots of hikers
- morning birds flying around about 7AM

*morning birds

*nice view in the morning breeze before sunrise


* there is no toilet up there, and no 7-11 up there. do go to toilet to clear your bladder before you on your way up there (you'll pass by some 24 hours petrol stations along the way from KL to broga hill, use the toilets there, it's free). and bring along drinking water, or buy it at the petrol stations! there are no convinient shops below the hill or near by as well, but around 7am there'll be someone setting up stalls selling drinks.

- is kinda cold, i went there on a very dry morning about 530am, there wasn't raining since the afternoon of the previous day. so the situation would be considered 'dry' and 'not that cold'. but the morning i hiked was about 18-20degree celcious.
- i think it would be rather cold if it is a rainy day or rained the night before you plan to hike the hill.

- basically 1 way up and down, some area is splited into 2 routes which eventually you'll end up at the same place.
- it is not like "a walk in the park's path" (i heard someone saying it is just like walking in park's path, well, IT IS NOT, park path is well maintained and basically flat surfaced ground nicely build for you to jog/walk, broga hill ISN'T)
- no cable car to the top of the hill (i heard lots and lots of hikers were talking about this).

*walk path up to the hill

hiking path:
- condition of path is poor. could be considered non maintanence at all.
- holes everywhere, some area you may need to take a leap of as high as 3 normal stair steps
- no road lamps, and rather dark if you're hiking at early morning

*you may fell down by tripped over tree roots

*it'll be slippery during rainy days

*holes everywhere along the path

*the path is rather shoe damaging as well


- you need to have certain stamina to get to the top of the hill (if you find walking from One utama to Ikano is the toughest thing to do, then you better cut the idea of hiking the hill)
- a lot of people actually manage to get to the top of the hills, i saw quite a lot of kids (aged 6 and above) went up there too. and some kinda over weighted people. i also saw some old ladies got to the top of the hill as well. hike slowly could get you there for sure.

bring along:
- torch light (hike early in the morning or late evening)
- drinking water
- suitable shoe (slippers and sneakers are not quite suitable, but some hikers can still get up there with those)

*get the right pair of shoes, walking on park's path wont damage your shoes like this, but broga hill might.

*hiker wearing crocs conquering the hill

*some hikers are able to get to the tip with sandals and slippers. i am very impressed.

other not so important stuff to bring along:
- isotic drink, power bar
- stick/broom handle (some ppl find it useful to help themselves up the hill)

- wear something which you felt comfortable with. sports wear would be suitable.
- try not to wear light colored clothes because you might fall down and have mud stains over light colored clothes.
- you might fell down and torn ur clothes, so, wear some clothes that is not too expensive.
- if you plan to hike in the morning, it would be rather cold (if you find sitting in office of 20dc is very cold to you, bring along a jacket or sweater)

other information:
- do hike the hill with a group of friends, so that if anything happens, someone can help you up, or calls for help.
- there are phone coverage up there. you can make phone calls up there.
- no safety features available there, if you injured, your friends will have to get you down from the hill, there's no emergency team there to help you up.
- if you find yourself exhausted, STOP THE HIKING and have plenty of rest, you must always keep in mind that you got to save some energy for your way down the hill.

* i was exhausted and forfeit the hike, i sat by the path way and there are no mosquito bits that day, though some forumers claims to have insects bites.

you'll have beautiful view up there. bring along your camera to snap some lovely pics.

enjoy the hiking!

p/s: do leave me some comments if you find this entry interesting. do update me if i had anything mistakenly mentioned as well.

*DISCLAIMER: above statements are based on my 1 time only experience (on 17 Jan 2010), all statements are made for sharing purposes. every individuals might find different perspective, different experience, and different views of hiking the hill. i do not held any responsibility towards any individuals who followed the statement mentioned above.


  1. Nice photo! & I hope you love the Broga Hill hike :-)

    Feel free to join Broga Hill Lovers - Facebook Group at http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=81317897674

  2. hi alantan, err... thanks for the comment again...

  3. Thanks. I'll be taking your advice to heart as the ninja himself will be conquering broga hill sometime this month

  4. hi ninja coffee, do bring along some ninja stars, just in case you been attacked by big foot and maybe naruto... :D

  5. thanks for sharing..nice info :)

  6. Thanks for all the tips.

  7. hi anonymous-es, you're welcome ;)

  8. Thanks for sharing your experience. Have you try evenin hike? How was it? ^^

  9. hi Ker Sin,

    I have not tried the evening hike, but i have gone through some blogs where some hikers brought a long tent and stayed up there for a night.

    Do hike along with a group of friends, it's safer. safety MUST always comes first.

  10. helpful! thx a lot!

  11. hi
    Thanks for the tips, it's really useful

  12. Thanks for the tips. I found it very helpful. Keep it up the good work. Cheers


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