Thursday, March 18, 2010

deadmau5's helmet DIY

surf around the web during lunch time and found this...

a step by step tutorial teaching you how to make your own DEADMAU5 helmet!!! this is amazing..

all u need is:
- 13" hamster ball
- A yard of red felt
- Hardhat
- White silk (make sure you can see through it)
- 6 sheets of stick on red felt
- 2 12" 3mm BIRCH BALTIC wood plates (NOT BALSA)
- Hard styrofoam ball
- Steel mesh
- Dremel rotary tool with cutting wheel
- Safety glasses
- Hot Glue Gun with sticks
- Spray on Tacky glue
- Regular Tacky glue
- Duct Tape
- Masking Tape
- Sandpaper
- Cutting Board
- Hobby knife
- fabric scissors
- Philips screwdriver
- Paper
- Dark colored sharpie
- Compass

with a lot of time (i guess) you could make yourself your very own deadmau5 helmet.
the tutorial there looks fine, just like the one deadmau5 is wearing on stage .. haha..


  1. woohoo I made purple/green one :D thxx for da instructions :))

  2. hi anonymous: wow... great to hear that!

  3. I guess we should start making a Deadmau5 head using pumpkins for this Halloween! Let's paint it pinkish 'cause that's your favorite color, Gyeo!!

  4. bonerbonerbonerbonerbonerbonerbonerbonerbonerbonerbonerbonerbonerbonerbonerbonerbonerbonerbonerboner that that that that that atht atht atha


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