Thursday, January 27, 2011

youtube's hit counter myth

from what i have known, once somebody view your video on youtube, you'll gain a hit count... if 20 people viewed your video, you gained 20 hits. but when you refresh the browser on the same video, you would not receive an extra hit.

so are the thumbs up (like) function. if you like a video click once, you'll have 1 thumb up.

now this video from peter chao is kinda funny...

he actually got himself over 3500 'likes' and 280 'dislikes' by the time i was watching it, while it only had 300 over views....

*click on image to enlarge

how this video actually got more thumb ups than it is viewed? besides, i thought we could only thumb up once per youtube account? so it can't be a single viewer clicked thumbs up many times...

any idea?

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